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Thread: Tie Bar Shirt Review

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    Tie Bar Shirt Review

    I previously had no interest in Tie Bar shirts, primarily because of the $55 price tag. My go to dress shirts are either Nordstrom trim fit or Lands End slim fit and, with regular sales, they could easily be found in the $30 range. I received a promotion that offered one free Tie Bar shirt for the price of shipping ($5.99) so I figured I’d give it a try.

    The shirt arrived nicely packaged in a box. Trim fit size 16.5 x 32-33 fit my 5’9” 180 lbs. frame exactly as I like, appropriately trim in arms, waist, and neck without being too tight anywhere. Fits come in trim and standard, so these might not work for very thin guys or those who prefer an extra slim fit. I thought the fabric was substantial and well stitched and I was surprised by its quality. They claim 100% cotton but these are non iron.

    I have a few complaints. A spread collar was my only option and I prefer a more classic collar. I also prefer a breast pocket, which I couldn’t get. For $5.99, I’ll deal with those issues. I have one CT shirt, which I paid about $30 for with some Facebook code. I think the Tie Bar shirt is of a higher quality. I would put it on par with or better than my Lands End and Nordstrom shirts but the lack of collar choices (and the higher price) would keep me from switching. It isn’t as nice as the few Brooks Brothers dress shirts I have.

    In conclusion, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Tie Bar dress shirts. They are much better products than their $19 ties, no question. At $55 a piece, though, I think there are probably better options.

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    Yes, but the real question is how can I get this promotion?

    Only halfway kidding. Thanks for the review. I get their mailers and have been curious.

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    Pics of you in said shirt? Might help.

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