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Thread: Anyone else get that Jack Erwin note from the founders yesterday?

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    Anyone else get that Jack Erwin note from the founders yesterday?

    I'm not usually the disparaging sort, but I got an email from JE yesterday that had this line in it.

    "Tomorrow, we pick up where we started: the launch of a new dress collection. This refreshed offering employs more rigorous internal standards for construction, fit, quality and aesthetics. Thanks to new factory partners in Portugal and Spain, we’re utilizing more time-intensive detailing and hand-finishing to provide an added level of refinement and depth to each shoe."

    Now, I'm not saying that this is an impossible statement. However, I looked and the entire new line is Blake stitched and costs more. There used to be quite a few Goodyear shoes in their lineup... no longer. I don't intrinsically hate Blake shoes. I have a few, and they're fine. But we all know that Blake shoes are less costly to produce, and can be assembled more quickly. I don't mind companies cutting costs and increasing revenue, but I do mind being told something of a tall tale.

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    It depends on whether or not they actually are using more complex finishing and detailing or not. Just because a shoe is blake stitched vs Goodyear welted doesn't inherently mean it's a cheaper product, or takes less time to make overall.

    I mean, sure, maybe it's all a load of bologna, but not necessarily.

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