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Thread: Suede or Wool Bomber: Help Me Pick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galcobar View Post
    The suede gives me pause as well. Seatbelts, bag shoulder straps, and elbows all spring to mind as areas which would show inordinate wear compared to the rest of the jacket. Wool tends to be more resilient to abrasion, or at least show it less, given the longer fibres compared to suede.

    If only these had side-opening pockets I'd be all over the wool one.
    Wool is like adamantium compared to suede and even cotton. It also seems quite stain resistant. I've never managed to stain a pair of wool slacks, but I have stained many a pair of chinos.

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    That was my first thought upon seeing it as well. Reminded me of the German army jacket.

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