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Thread: What Collar Stays Do You Use?

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    all my CT shirts came with bronze stays, so I tend to use those. My Luxire didn't come with them nor does it have provisions which I found odd. my Alton Lane bespoke came with bronze as well, a tad thicker/more substantial than the CT ones.

    if i want something to put a slight bend in a la Joe's preferred method, I have an inexpensive "stainless steel" conglomeration value-pak from amazon (almost assuredly plated cheap chinese lead-based whatever) for that purpose.

    For those so inclined, Kirby Allison's Hanger Project sells very expensive collar stays made out of cow horn. sovereign elegance and all that.

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    Another vote for wurkin stiffs. Initially I was turned off by the price, but I bit the bullet and tried them. Now they are all I wear.

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    You guy's may appreciate this. My Wurkin Stiffs collar stays arrived yesterday 'after' my meeting. (I work from home and so I don't need to get dressed up every day). In any event I get home and attempt to put them in my Calvin Klein slimfit non iron shirt with collars that appeared to lay as if they were right out of Dance Fever....First attempt and I had the magnets on the inside of my collar facing my neck. The shirt collar fell over exposing the magnets and I looked well....

    Then my wife took over and placed them where they were supposed to go - and I have to tell you - what a difference! Much much cleaner and more put together looking. I only purchased one pair but definitely like and would recommend them.

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