Okay, let's talk about my Clarks Boots next. Photos are below.

These are not crepe-soled desert style and I think this style has been discontinued, because I can't find them on the Clarks website anymore. They have some sort of mult-layer stacked rubber soles. They appear to be Blake-stitched to the top piece of the stack and then two more layers appear to be glued on to the top piece. But that stitching could be purely cosmetic and not functional. The interior is well-padded cloth of some sort. One more word on the appearance: They were light gray when I purchased them. I darkened them a bit to a much darker gray with some black shoe cream. I paid about $150.

I purchased these when I was on a trip to New England in fall 2017, when I was doing a lot of walking around Boston and Salem--up to seven miles a day. I wanted something more stylish than athletic shoes, but comfortable enough right out of the box to handle all that walking--these have proven to work well for the purpose. They are exceptionally comfortable without any break in time. And isn't that one of the big reasons to buy Clarks?

I wear them only with jeans--I haven't even tried them with anything else because they are too casual in my opinion.

I sprayed them with a few coats of water-proofing and they seem to be holding up quite well--you can see the soles are still in good shape despite the miles I've put on them. Besides New England, we also did a lot of urban hiking in Portland early spring 2018, and it rained every day, so these were perfect. Also, my daughter lives in Long Beach, California, and that's another great walkable city, so I use them during the day when I visit her and we walk to a place about a mile or so from her house for some food or coffee.

I sized them up to 13 and that gives me plenty of room for thick socks when it's cold. The lacing lets me tie them really tight if I don't want thick socks and I don't want them to feel too loose.

To sum it up: If you want some shoes as comfortable as most athletic style shoes, but a bit more stylish, and with more protection from the weather, these are great. Nothing to write home to mother about in terms of style or craftsmanship, but they fit the bill for urban hiking.