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I am with you in that I prefer a suit and tie for almost any occasion--but, like you, I've noticed that it's just not appropriate anymore in most places outside the office or formal events. My wife often scolds me for wanting to be too dressy.

And I think it intimidates people in a bad way. I already have a problem with intimating people and not seeming approachable because I'm tall and I have the male equivalent of what my wife calls "resting bitch face."

So, I dress down just a tad and normally wear a sports coat and a dress shirt with no tie to social events--wool or cashmere jacket and wool dress trousers when the occasion calls for it. For less formal events, lately I've taken to unstructured cotton and linen sports coats with chinos or jeans.

I've found that a pocket square makes a satisfying substitute for a tie when I want to add some color.

And shoes--I'm NOT giving up my dress shoes. I did buy some suede oxfords for daytime garden party type things. A decent compromise.

If somebody has a suggestion for a really nice polo in a great fabric, I might consider one with a sports coat, but I'm a long way from even considering a t-shirt for myself.

All that said, I have a good friend in his 30's, his mother was a bay watch girl, he used to model, and he's beautiful according to all the women--and even this straight man can't disagree. He can wear whatever the hell he wants and he looks great.
Yeah. Same with me. I only have a pair of white sneakers and i have a hard time keeping them white so I don't like to wear them often. I still would do dress shoes with a casual suit, and a polo over a tee. I don't know how your budget is, but Kent Wang polos have been my favorite for a while, and they're not too expensive. http://www.kentwang.com/polos