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Thread: Ranch wedding - what to wear (as guest)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JT10000 View Post
    The one time I sort of went to a wedding in a barn it was just the reception. The ceremony was in a church, then we headed to a real barn on the bride's family farm. The bride's father did an old-New England mixture of farming and lawyering. I dressed for a normal hot New England wedding - cotton summer suit. Actually a washable Brooks Brothers olive sack suit such as Put This On mentions

    That was appropriate. It was hot, and I'm sure I took off the jacket at times.

    So the question about your barn wedding is is it in a barn because that's the space they have? In which case, dress for a normal hot wedding. Or is it in a barn as a "theme"? Which makes me kinda of barf. And means *maybe* you play dress up. I'd dress the same as for a general hot wedding - cotton or linen summer suit.
    It's definitely a theme wedding. You should see the venue website, the gallery of past events is pretty funny. I haven't talked to the grandson about what he and the groomsmen are wearing so I don't know yet how formal they will be. Hopefully they're casual or playing cowboy dress-up so I can tell the wife I can't wear a full suit or I would show the wedding party up. If I end up having to wear a suit and tie I'll use it as an excuse to get a decent summer suit as I don't currently have anything like that. I have sports jackets for every possible occasion but only wear suits for weddings, funerals, and 4-5 times a year to church.

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    Well guys, the bride told me that most people will likely be wearing jeans with a casual shirt or...*shudder* a t-shirt. As much as I dislike the idea of dressing that casually for a wedding, it's their wedding, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tacitus View Post
    most people will likely be wearing jeans
    Great! A wedding is such a "special day" and I get choked up thinking about how nice and special everyone will look. Pass the tissues.
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