I am an IT professional that works in a business casual office. I am rarely in meetings where i need to dress up heavily. I normally wear JCrew Ludlow 4 season Dress Pants with a dress shirt to work. Never a tie, but occasionally wear a jacket when i have a steering committee meeting or something. I am trying to diversify my outfits but never feel confident that chinos and a dress shirt are appropriate but when i think about it, there is no reason it cant work and look just fine.

I think my issue is the TYPE of chino. I have Banana Republic Aiden Chinos in green, grey, and a few other colors. My real question is whether these specific chinos are too casual to wear with a dress shirt? Is there a scale of formality within a chino that makes one more appropriate for a dress shirt than another? If im being ridiculous, let me know. If im on to something, what chinos would you say are appropriate?