Beckett & Simonon is an excellent option for blake stitch shoes. I have their 'Dean' oxfords and am very happy with them. Great detail and the leather is fine, but the best part is the fit. For those of us with a narrow heel and wide forefoot, B&S is an excellent fit. I have a brannock size of 11.5 'D' (slightly larger on left foot, but slightly under on right foot) forefoot and a 'B' in the heel. These shoes fit excellent around the heel with plenty of room in the forefoot for my feet to spread. I recently spent two days walking in them (10-hours each day) at our plant in Japan and was pain free the next day on the flight back to the US. The leather foot bed is firm initially, but breaks in well after a few wears. I have had them for the past year, but only wear them once every 3-4 weeks (office is business casual) and keep trees in them. I will definitely be going back to them for future dress shoes.

I am now looking for a dress/country style boot with a Goodyear welt, so I'm having to look elsewhere. I hate the thought of dropping $600-700 for a boot without trying it on, so I'm looking in the $400 range at Cobbler Union. Moral Code sounded like an interesting option, but I would like to hear from someone who has tried them on. The search continues.