I'm not as big as I was back in the days when I lifted weights, but I still have pretty broad shoulders (about a 43 or 44 chest right now). Plus I'm on the tall side at around 6' 3". So, when I get just about any type of casual shirt, including polos or henleys, if they fit my shoulders, I always end up with giant amounts of excess fabric around my waist and I just don't like it. Same thing with casual shirts I wear when we go to Mexico or Palm Springs. If if I buy a size smaller, they are just too tight all the way around for my comfort.

So, we're going to Palm Springs in a few weeks. This weekend, I was noticing that my short-sleeve shirts were looking kind of beat up and not up to what I've been liking to wear, because of all that extra fabric.

I know I can them tailored, but I'd like to avoid the time and expense of doing that. Most slim dress shirts from Paul Fredrick and Charles Tyrwhitt fit me pretty well if I get the right neck size (16"), even though I'm not really that slim with a 36" waist.

Anybody have any suggestions on sources or brands (online preferred) that might fit me the way I like? I prefer to have a shirt cut square at the bottom so I can wear it untucked if I like. But not like those shirts from Untucked.

Thanks in advance for ideas.