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Thread: H&M Premium Quality Leather Gloves [Request]

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    H&M Premium Quality Leather Gloves [Request]


    Can anyone review this pair of gloves please?

    I'm considering them, but I also wanted to get advice from someone with first hand experience of these. One question I specifically want to ask is what the type of leather is used in this product? The item description states it is 100% leather, it does not states the type of the leather.
    By type of leather I mean which animal the leather comes from and if the leather is full or corrected grain?

    What I like about these gloves is their simplicity and minimalistic design. I am not a fan of adjustable buttons/straps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishbizkit View Post
    100% leather
    this is usually a description for some of the lowest quality of leather. i mean, it's h+m so don't get your hopes up. all the vinyl or polyurethane coating the "leather" will probably start flaking off in a year or so.

    i had a couple pairs from target that were also similarly low quality, and they lasted a winter or two each maybe, with pretty light use.

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