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Thread: AE Daltons Leather Quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hebrew Barrister View Post
    Walnut. :/ some walnut shoes have burnishing and some don't. It is odd when AE does this and when they don't. Do you mean the walnut even flaked off or their burnishing on a walnut shoe? If the former...AE may fix that for you. Would be interesting to see a pic of the issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by neminat View Post
    Interesting. i just bought a pair of oxbloods. How do you go about preventing this?
    The burnishing doesn't doesn't always flake off. I would say it is rare. I would just polish with AE shoe cream and neutral polish and not worry about it. I have seen some 2nds on eBay with flaked off burnishing but I do not know the cause.

    AE seems to have figured out Oxblood but their Bourbon shoes were a crap shoot even with 1sts. Tiger striping seemed common, the color varied by pair, and I remember the burnishing just sort of scuffing off when people would knock around their shoes.

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    Some flaking is just due to scuffs, some isn't.

    I also have a pair of brown first aves, which are still in pristine condition. They have held up far better than the Daltons.

    I also have a pair of AE Normandy boots which have traveled the world with me, which I have worn on days I walked 10-15mi, which I have totally neglected and beat up, and which still look brand ass new. I'm not sure I'll ever succeed in wearing them out or messing them up, other than needing new soles. I've basically tried, and they shrug it off like Superman being shot by a kids pellet gun.

    So, I have plenty of good boot experiences with AE. My Daltons are just not one of them.

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