Went on a date night with my wife and a few other couples went on a date night over the weekend. It was 95 degrees which limits what I really want to wear. I didn't have much that I wanted to wear, so I realized I need more 'date night' options for the summer. I'd like something nice-ish but also realize, with kids, we aren't able to do a lot of date nights, and summer is only so long. That's always caused me to lean on getting more long sleeve 'date night' shirts since I can, in theory, wear them almost year round. But... I would like some hot weather shirts.

I am a pretty big Bonobos fan but haven't had much luck with short sleeve button downs (and I've cooled on the brand a bit lately for whatever reason). They have good standard polos, but I'd something a little more interesting. Bonobos has decent prices, but I feel like their quality has gone down, and the items need to be on a good sale to be considered 'decently priced'.

Having bought some Orlebar Brown swim trunks last year, I've looked at their shirts online and some are pretty cool, but very pricey. I also don't have any stores locally that sell the brand, and I'm guessing it is definitely a brand that I would need to try on for sizing (but also styling - could see the shirts looking much different in person and/or on).

What brands are other people looking at/getting?