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Thread: Actually comfortable dress shoes - not just comfortable for a dress shoe

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedBlue View Post

    I know this is a little different of a post but would appreciate any suggestions on this. My uncle is a pretty stylish guy, suit and tie to work most days. The past few years he has had some medical issues which one of the side effects is pain in his feet. He is ridiculously strong and doesn't want this to slow him down at all, so he still trudges to work regardless of pain in his feet. I know it's more accepted to wear sneakers on the commute but he wouldn't accept this.

    Has anyone ventured into stylish (even moderately so) dress shoes that are still comfortable? Any help would be much appreciated!
    Do you know what the budget range is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scofield View Post
    i've been very impressed with banana republic's dress shoes in terms of comfort. i wear mine for miles of walking in vegas and they're quite comfy and stylish and can take a beating
    I have to second this. I have a wide left foot, and BR's shoes have been great for me. I got the single monks a few years ago in black/oxblood/brown and still love 'em. Also got their Chelsea leather boots and they've held up well. I get 4000 steps in daily in dress shoes.

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