Hey, long time lurker, first post.
I recently ordered a briefcase from Brooks Brothers, as per Joe's recommendation on the main site (it was a $650 briefcase for under 200, in the memorial day weekend). To digress for a minute, they actually ran out of the one I ordered, and their amazing customer service was able to give me the newer version of the briefcase, which is not on clearance, and is currently selling for $750. (link: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/on/dem...SIZE&cgid=0469 )
My question is as follows: The country of origin isn't listed, and the inside of it just says "genuine leather"- it doesn't even mention that it's buffalo, which is what it says on their website. The texture of the leather feels ok, albeit a bit stiffer than I'd have expected. What do you guys think? Is it a keeper? Will it last me a year? 2? 5? Should the lack of details make me nervous?
PS- My work environment is pretty dressy, so no advice to get a Filson, please!
Thanks in advance!