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Thread: Blazer to wear at university year round (help needed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by theskillets View Post
    Wear whatever you want. Who cares what people wear or don't wear at school. I wear a sport coat to work most days because I love wearing them (and my office is very casual.) I have a navy Suit Supply Havana that I wear every week. Best sport coat I have ever worn.
    Id agree with this. I wear either a sport coat and tie, or a suit to work (travelling consultant) almost every day, and I don't have any customers that require it, or even dress that way. I do it because I like to wear shirt and tie. Sometimes I'll go casual with just a button up and sport coat, sometimes I go more formal with a 3 piece suit, but in general wear whatever is "appropriate" but also makes you feel good. (i.e wearing shorts might make me feel good but they are not appropriate at work )

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockeysc23 View Post
    So it may be different but when I went to school (about 12 years ago) no one wore a blazer year round except for professors. My sister is now a junior in college and I don't think I've seen button down shirts let alone blazers. Most are wearing jeans, sweats, and t-shirts. While I am a fan of dressing up I don't know if you'd really need an everyday blazer for college. If you did, I'd probably go something more informal cotton JCrew type blazer than the traditional brass buttons blazer.

    In my opinion you'd want something that works more with jeans than business. Also, kids change a lot in college (still growing, freshman 15, working out, etc.) and I think the last thing you'd want to do is invest in a blazer at this time that may not fit by the time you graduate and would really need it.
    Heck, I've been teaching College for about 15 years, and even the Profs. dont' wear blazers for the most part. May be different in the northeast, and the above point about fraternity events is a good one. Of course, wear whatever you want, but I don't think a blazer is generally an essential piece of college gear, and it's not something I'd be inclined to spend a fortune on.

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