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Thread: Dress shirt fit - how much pulling is ok?

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    Dress shirt fit - how much pulling is ok?

    Most of my dress shirts right now are BR Grant slim fit medium size.
    I'm 5'10, 175-180lbs. 40 chest, 33 waist.

    It fits me pretty well, but I noticed that my chest area pulls a little bit when I stand/sit straight, just enough for me to notice.
    Buttons mostly don't move, but the shirt skims my chest, and I see a few small-ish pulls around my chest.

    The level of pull is something like this picture, but a bit more on chest, a bit less on stomach.

    I think I'm in a decent shape, and happy about it, but I also don't want be perceived as one of those guys who show it off, especially in a professional setting.

    Personally, I really like BR products, and would like to stay with their dress shirts. I have recently tried on their Camden standard fit on medium, and there is way too much fabric on the waist. Grant slim fit on large is also a bit too big overall.
    I've been wanting to drop some weight to 165-170 range, that could solve this problem for all I know, but then I've also been doing more weight exercise, so who knows?

    What do you guys think is a reasonable pulling without it looking a bit silly/unprofessional?

    Thank you!

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    these sound very close to my measurements and i can barely wear anything off the rack. They all pull when i move. With that said, nordstrom house brand and jcrew's new shirts (not s,m,l but actual sizes) run large in the chest and work quite well.

    All of my new shirts are Spier and Mackay M2M and i and so happy with them. I am wearing one right now. When you do your measurements and order your first set of shirts, they will make and ship one. Then you give feedback and speak to them and then will make changes and ship the rest. It will take at least that first one to get it down but i am stoked to have a shirt that fits me every time without having to deal with off the rack horrible fits on me.

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    I saw this on Put This On the other week when looking at some guides. Should be helpful:

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