They are a staple of my wardrobe. I'm a creative person, and my clothes will often reflect that. The way I look at it, these print shirts are a grown up alternative to band and comic book character t-shirts. I have print shirts that are decades old, yet still look great with chinos, linen pants, or shorts. A good print can be looked at as great design, and as such they often reflect the current time, or a past era. I've even resurrected some of my older print shirts by turning them into throw pillows.

Just like anything else, you have to make this look your own. If wearing a pink OCBD shirt is stepping out of the box as it is for @DocDave, maybe his next step is a tonal blue print. I also like where @LesserBlackDog goes with his look, though I tend to wear most of my print shirts untucked. The print is often the focal point, so tone down the rest of your outfit. One look I tend to shy away from, is wearing it opened, with a colored or white t-shirt underneath. I'm not exactly svelte and this look only calls attention to my gut that is 61 years in the making.

Colorful prints are just one more sign of summer. When you live in the frozen tundra, and the ice is off the lake, what better way to get in the mood than to throw on a colorful print, and go walk the Lake Walk, and gaze upon 10% of the world's fresh water.