A couple of months ago I posted a thread and received a ton of great feedback on my designs for handmade wood tie racks and pocket square organizers. I wanted to create a new thread to showcase my side hustle Dapper Woodworks so I can continue to get feedback and show y'all new products that I release. I began Dapper Woodworks back in October 2017 on Etsy as a way to combine my passion for woodworking and menswear, and to provide a little extra income for my family. I first designed a pocket square organizer, and then began making custom tie racks as well. I am currently beginning to work with menswear retailers to get my products in front of more people. All my products are made to order and customizable by choosing the size, wood type, hardware finish, and an option for a shelf. If anyone is interested please go check out my new site www.dapperwoodworks.com or my Instagram @ Dapperwoodworks. I am offering 10% off by using the code "DAPPER". As always any feedback, new product ideas, or suggestions for menswear retailers that might be interested in my products is appreciated. Thanks a lot!