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This thread gives me Combat Gent flashbacks. Oh, it looks alright..for the price I paid...blah, blah, blah.

Quit trying to justify purchases. The last is awful. The leather is garbage. The quality is horrendous. The sole is a hot mess.

Why do people continue to support these internet companies with nothing but marketing double speak and paid reviews? Why waste money on these throwaway shoes when you can get shoes that will last a lifetime and look a 100 times better for only slightly more?
I have 11 pairs of AEs, as well as a handful of vintage '60s gunboats and other assorted shoes/boots in my closet. For the $81 bucks I paid for a pair of the Thursday natural PTBs, I'll be happy to add them to my closet as long as they fit when they show up. Nobody I know is going to care how much they cost or what their lineage is, and if they did I probably wouldn't be hanging out with them anyway.