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Thread: How Much Do You Pay? Retail Price vs Thrift/Used/Sale Price

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    I had some imaginary ideas of how much this was I was going to share along with an interesting anecdote or two.

    But, since I catalog everything I buy...


    42%/40%/18% for number of items.

    49%/48%/3% for dollars spent.

    I would conclude that I get way more things per dollar thrifting.

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    I purchase the vast majority of my clothing, luggage, and accessories on sale or with a coupon that is at least 25% off (mainly due to the 10% local sales tax). I tend to hold off until sales or use my discount. The only items I've purchased at full price have been one pair of Alden longwings, on pre-order from Brick + Mortar. I attribute this not to frugality, but due to a lack of imminent need for an item, allowing me to wait for a sale or coupon code.

    I may end up paying full price for a Barbour jacket from Orvis, but we shall see.

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    Discounted prices for 95% for almost wardrobe. I purchased a pair of shoes at retail this year but included matching belt for "free".
    Quote Originally Posted by 3piece View Post
    How have you been acquiring your wardrobe collection? By paying retail price or discounted price?

    Bulk of my stuff is MTM, so...
    Even for shoes I have to pay custom fee because Allen Edmonds doesn't make size 6D for all models.
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