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Almost checking all the boxes. I might have a shoe problem.

[x] Balmorals plain/cap toe
[x] Balmorals with brouging
[x] Bluchers plain/cap toe
[x] Bluchers with brouging
[] Dress Boots (lace up boots e.g., AE Daltons)
[x] Work Boots (e.g., red wing)
[] Chelsea Boots
[x] Chukkas (ones other than desert boots)
[] Desert Boots
[x] Monk straps (single and double)
[x] Loafers
[x] Other dress shoes (spectators, pumps, Wholecuts, etc): Saddle Oxfords
[x] Sneakers (don't include ones you wear to exercise)

Other: Cowboy Boots, but they are dressy cowboy boots, so although they’re not lace up, would I put them under dress boots?

It's only a problem if you call it one.