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Thread: Recommendations for a (great value) slim black suit?

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    I have the JCF Thompson Black Suit. It's really nice - the fabric seems to be better than most JCF suits. It's very well made in my view for an off-the-rack fused suit. I'd check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afrogoose View Post
    Thanks guys. This is great. I have two CK suits already and I'm generally pretty happy with them. What do you think about fused vs non-fused? I wear a black suit probably around 50 times a year for gigs so I'm inclined to think that I should get something a bit more durable (i.e. fused?), however, I've been wearing a non-fused (sorry don't know what you call these) CK suit for gigs for the last few years and it's held up fine, more or less. Maybe a better strategy is the opposite, buy a good looking but affordable suit every few years since it's going to get worn into the ground anyway.

    What do you think?
    As far as fused jackets and such, your options are fused, half-canvas, full canvas. It refers to the material in between the shell of your jacket and the interior lining of the jacket. Full canvas and half canvas feature a stitched canvas, fused is a glued piece of fabric.

    Full canvas is the most "durable," the jacket will form to you better as you wear it. Full canvas is expensive though. Half canvas is a good middle ground between fused and full canvas. Spier and Mackay suits and sportcoats are half canvassed (mainline J Crew, too). It's still going to form to your body shape over time, but it's not as pricey. Fused suits are a hodge podge. Some are done really well and some aren't, but they are cheaper to make than canvassed options.

    The main difference is that a fused suit could come unglued when exposed to high heat. Since canvassed suits are stitched, the stitched is unlikely to come undone when dry cleaning. With fused suits, dry cleaning may undo the fusing which may result in "bubbles" on your suit jacket. That's not to say fused suits are garbage, only to let you know the difference.

    If you have a few minutes, this article might be helpful:

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    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! Thank you to batkins9 for the great informational post and link! I feel a lot more educated about what I'm getting now. Since there isn't anything on sale right now, I'm going to lie in wait for a sale to pounce on a new suit.

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