-I have a Lazio Blue Check 3pc suit (size 34 chest) for sale.
-It was worn ONCE only to a wedding, brand new condition, and NEVER dry-cleaned
-stored in the SS garment bag
- Wool s120s from the F/W Collection 2016
-Navy with a subtle checked design on it
-waist coat and jacket lining is a nice bronze color


I know this is steep for re-sale. I decided to splurge a bit and get this nice patterned 3 PIECE suit.
This is my 2nd SS suit. I didn't love my first Lazio because I felt it was a little big for me but I was determined to get another cool and trendy suit and figured I would just invest in more tailoring. This was my first suit out of university and I wanted I was going for a bolder look. The suit was delayed in shipping, and I received it last minute for the wedding I was attending, so I was forced to make do with it with no other alternatives.

- pant hem
- pant taper
- jacket shortened by 1 inch only
- tailoring done by a top rated Tailor in Toronto: Magic Tailor's. Google them and see their reviews
- very professional work, and not cheap either
- the pants have all the excess fabric in place, so you can let out the pants and re-tailor it

Now I feel that I dont want to invest in the tailoring required to make this suit perfect on me because it would be too expensive. Im hoping to cut my losses and just sell it if i can. I am Canadian so the pricing is as followed:

- Retail Price was 715$ CDN (630+tax)
- I want to sell this for $600CDN flat OR OR 465$ USD
- I will probably tack on 20$ for shipping to USA, i havent quoted any delivery costs but of course it would be courier and trackable

IF anyone is interested please message me. I will supply detailed pictures of the suit including up close shots of the pattern/fabric and the tailoring on the pants.
This is a good deal given that this is essentially BRAND NEW.