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Thread: What Happened? Anybody ever seen this strangeness with shoes? (Wolf & Shepard)

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    Okay, Wolf & Shepard's customer service is quite outstanding (unlike the shoes). They paid for me to ship them back to HQ, which is less than 20 miles from where I live, and within a four days they had them back to me looking nearly as good as new; which is, unfortunately, not that good for a $350 shoe.

    They said that they had a very expensive high-powered buffer brush that removed the problem. That seems odd--at one point I used a wooden shoe horn to try to scrap the area, and the spot wouldn't come off, almost like using a deer bone.

    At any rate, if you like the excellent comfort their shoes provide, which is above anything I've tried, and want excellent customer service, but don't mind second rate leather and ho-hum detailing/craftsmanship, then W&S is a good choice. I'd rate them above a lot of the J&M mass produced, Cole Hahn, Kenneth Cole, Bruno Magli (on sale) and a bunch of others you'd find in the $200 and below price range. Just not up to AE standards.

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    It looked to me that the polish products had been applied repeatedly and had not fully dried between applications. So the leather was saturated when you tried to polish.
    Perhaps the time to fully dry out was all they needed.

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