There are a lot of new boot companies out there offering boots in the 200 dollar range which are constructed in Mexico or elsewhere; I am really not that enticed by them. I prefer to pay the extra 100 or 200 dollars for US made boots, but many of the offerings feel limited in styles and colors. HELM boots are constructed in the US and the styles look really great. I would love to see a break down of these boots compared against boots in their price range.

A few notes that stick out to me. Many of their boots are made from Chromexal leather. I think this is an interesting choice thanks to the high pullup of the leather. They are blake stitched, meaning they may be more flexible. Lasts seem to have more restrictive style oriented toe boxes than the more worker driven red-wing and wolverine equivalents.

I just think it would be a good addition to the cycle of Allen Edmonds, 1901, and Loakes which pop up here on a regular basis. Any thoughts?