Looking to try either a charcoal or navy Spier & Mackay suit for job interviews; however, a little unsure of whether to try the slim or contemporary size.

I currently have both a 42 Ludlow and a 42 Crosby Jcrew blazer. My weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the last few years but can wear both comfortably, but at the moment the Ludlow fits a little better. As for shirts, usually wear either Nordstrom trim fit 16 34/35 or Spier & Mackay contemporary 16 35.

As for my chicken legs, 34x30 770 chinos from JCrew are definitely the best fitting pants that I am aware of at least for me.

I know that I would likely have to try and switch out the pants from 36 waist to 34 but other than that I am just trying to decide between the slim and contemporary fit. Spending $300 is a bit of a nerve racking experience for me, especially when it involves shipping something from Canada. Any advice would be appreciated.