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Thread: Wool trouser recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff4 View Post
    Couldn't be happier with my collection of Lands End Year-Rounders in Tailored fit. You can get them for $45 if you wait for codes. Highly recommend.
    No need to wait for a code: they are doing 50% off one item today, which puts them at $45. That said, I personally prefer J. Crew's Bowery/Ludlow slim line and Spier and Mackay.

    By the way, I don't think the Bowery was identical in cut to the Ludlow: since they renamed the Bowery pants as Ludlow (earlier this season), they are, I think, slightly slimmer than last season's were. Not much in it, but a little slimmer in the thigh, I think. Also, the old Bowery pants were rather heavyweight tending towards flannel. It's only this year, with the four-season wool, that they are lighter weight. I like both, and hope they keep switching them round from time to time.

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    I am a fan of the old Bowery Classic, now just the Classic fit by Jcrew. I can actually get them to go over my socks without rolling my socks down in the process. Damn my massive calves

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