Gustin has their Twill weekenders back up for purchase ($299 plush shipping). I ordered the Olive bag during their first appearance, I have loved it. It's a great lower cost alternative to their gorgeous but expensive horween weekender. The bag is heavy twill that does not fray and hold is shape nicely. The leather handles soften and develop patina nicely.

I travel on two day trips frequently. This bag has been in and out of overhead bins, and it shows not sings of staining or fraying. I would highly recommend.

My only complaints would be the zipper is very large and gets stuck easily until it has been used a few times, and the lining has a pretty noticable stich along the bottom. It would have been nice if a single piece of cloth we're stiched around the edge of the bag. Overll a great purchase.

Also, I am reasonably new around here, so I am not sure if I put this in the right place.