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Thread: SuitSupply's Social Media Ads

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    if anyone here has any sort of problem with two men kissing, you need to take a long long look inside yourself and think "why in the fuck does this thing that doesn't effect me at all, seem to matter to me?"

    Even if you were some kind of religion where they didn't want you didn't want to kiss guys, as long as it's someone else doing the kissing, it should never ever matter even the smallest bit to you. Just leave them alone, let them do their thing, and don't be huge douche. This world isn't 4chan, you can't just childishly fight whom ever you don't agree with. If you're an adult, sometimes you get to disagree with someone else who does something a little differently than you do.

    I would also probably advise that you probably shouldn't be in the 'no guys kissing' religion because it's probably bad news, but that's a totally different issue, and because i'm an adult i'm going to let you continue to believe that it's ok, if you really really want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slubby Linen View Post
    Nailed it.
    Nailed it like


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