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Thread: Navy pinstripe suit for regular rotation?

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    Navy pinstripe suit for regular rotation?

    I'm thinking about replacing a worn out medium blue pinstripe suit that I wear as a part of regular rotation, about once a week, maybe slightly less often.
    FYI, I office requires me to wear suit 4 to 5 times a week.

    Pinstripe isn't so thick that it makes me look like a gangster from the 20s, but combined with medium blue, I think it's definitely noticeable enough that I probably shouldn't wear often. And since I'm trying to simplify my wardrobe and make them more versatile, my plan for the replacement is something less memorable.

    Today I found this navy pinstripe suit from Banana Republic.
    It was already discounted, and with 40% off, I can get the full set for around $200, which I think is a terrific deal.

    So my question is,

    1) How versatile do you guys think that specific suit is, in terms of frequent wearability, say once a week, and flexibility to mix/match with various but office-approved colors and patterns of shirt and tie?

    2) If you aren't a big fan of that suit, what would you recommend as a workhorse suit? Suits I have now are navy solid, charcoal solid, medium gray solid, and medium blue pinstripe in question. My other alternative candidate is medium blue solid.

    Thank you!
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