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Thread: More non-iron options at Proper Cloth

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    More non-iron options at Proper Cloth

    Hey guys, yesterday Proper Cloth launched a few more non-iron fabrics, finally moving their collection from beyond white, blue and a lavender.

    Here they are:

    For years B.B. non-iron shirts were the core of my work wardrobe, but as a bigger taller guy the shirts constantly came untucked for me, even when sized to my neck and sleeve. I have a long torso.

    Since Proper Cloth shirts are fully custom, I could have them extend the body of the shirt and even give me extra buttons. I got a try on shirt that was pretty good and then I took it back to their Soho NYC store and they even tweaked from there. The PC shirts fit me like nothing else - which they should for the cost.

    My problem with PC shirts for a long time was that first they didn’t have any non-iron shirts and then they only had a very few options. Slowly they are bringing on more fabrics and colors to be aore significant non-iron option.

    The shirts are about $30 more expensive than the B.B. non-iron shirts when not on sale and you have to think ahead since it takes some time to have them made and sent here. The non-irons take longer to arrive too since they have to somehow cure the non-iron stuff on the shirts after they are sewn.

    I recognize that noniron shirts are not very #menswear. I know there are lots of good reasons not to wear non-iron and I do try to rotate a few shirts that need to be pressed, they were the first shirts I bought from PC and they do breathe well and feel lighter and finer. Still I have to know myself and all the other constraints on my time. Plus I am horrible at ironing!

    There’s something so great about the white non iron button down. There’s more stuff inside the neck and collar of the shirt that keeps it looking smoother. To me the fabric also feels better than B.B.

    I especially recommend these for guys who are very hard to get a good fit off the rack.

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    Oh nice! I've heard some good things about Proper Cloth, and was thinking about trying a couple to see how it works.

    Question - How is their pricing/sale structure? Do they have near consistent sale built into their retail price, or is what I see on the price tag is what I'm expected to pay unless they are on rare sales event?
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