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It's be nice to find something that could pull double duty - nice enough to wear to work, but causal enough to wear out with friends or on date night. Seems like popular opinion dictates that this should be that shinny, quilted style jacket that's so popular now, but I HATE the way they look. Any suggestions?
Shiny outerwear is extremely casual, so I wouldn’t consider it “nice enough to wear to work” unless your work is also very casual. I also personally hate the look.

Harrington or bomber is a good way to go. Field jacket could be nice, though also quite casual most of the time because they tend to be made in weathered fabrics. You might also consider a lightweight leather jacket in whatever style you prefer.

I do not care for Barbour’s oiled outerwear. It doesn’t breathe and I found the oiliness off-putting and unpleasant to touch. If you don’t mind the feel and you don’t sweat, it could work.