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Thread: Brooks brothers AE - thoughts?

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    actually if you're saying the sole, the sole is better maybe, if you like rubber. I think the leather sole is much more luxurious.

    the inside, the insole, my bad i mixed them up, is super uncomfortable.

    It gets all hot and squishy. All the extra layers are all glued in there and it doesn't breathe at all. the leather sole does, it's much cooler inside, and it seems like it actually makes my feel sweat way less than the poron one does. The poron insole in a few of my AE/BB shoes is a source of major "meh".

    I also have the opinion that the poron sole does not allow the cork to shape correctly, which makes my feet get mad after wearing them for a while. My regular Strands, i could walk hundreds of miles in, as they are my very best fitting shoes in the world.
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