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    Minneapolis advice

    Iíve just moved to Minneapolis after almost 6 years in the Bay Area. Itís a bit of a change but Iím excited in discovering what the city and surrounds have to offer. Iím interested in suggestions and recommendations people have about the city as well as places to get out of town over the weekend. Bars, restaurants, live music, things to do, unusual and quirky places... also sources of what is going on about town.

    Iím living in Uptown but am excited to explore.

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    I haven't lived there in quite a while, but lived there for about 10 years in grad school and still visit sometimes. A lot has changed since I lived there but some hasn't.

    I was always really impressed by the food options (many of which have changed). Hands down, my favorite spot was Jasmine Deli for Vietnamese (26th and Nicollet). Mid Town Global Market is great for variety. Stella's in uptown has a great rooftop deck in the summer, and good deals at lunch. Last time I was there, I stumbled into World Street Kitchen, which I thought was great for cheap eats. Meritage in St. Paul is good for French and Oysters. Brother's Deli on the skyway downtown makes excellent sandwiches.

    The Walker and Sculpture garden and MIA are decent art museums. First ave and 7th street entry for music depending on your taste. Outdoor rec opportunities are great when it finally warms up.

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    Happy to share a bit - I grew up just outside of Mpls and lived there until ~ 3 years ago when I moved west.

    For places to eat, some of my favorites are:

    World Street Kitchen - counter-service fusion
    Iron Door Pub - great wings and beer list
    Erte - best value in steak that I've seen
    Black Sheep Pizza
    Red Cow/Red Rabbit - Red Cow has one of the best burgers in town
    The Lowry - favorite breakfast spot in town
    Bachelor Farmer - spendy but 100% worth it
    New Bohemia
    Buster's on 28th - killer food, great beer selection

    Places to drink:

    LynLake Brewery
    Indeed Brewing
    Surly Brewing
    Marvel Bar - $$$ but fun speakeasy
    Freehouse Bar - beers are mediocre but cocktails and environment are great
    The Lowry
    CC Club - you have to go here at least once, a legend of a bar

    As mentioned, the MIA and Walker are OK museums, given the relative size of Mpls as a city. First Ave is a legendary venue.

    There are a number of really divey places that have live music of a more local variety - The Hexagon Bar, Club Underground (under the Spring Street Tavern), Big V's, Terminal Bar.

    As for outdoors things, Minneapolis is one of the best cycling cities in the US, even if 4 months of the year it is freezing. From Uptown, you can hop on bike trails that will take you to Minnehaha Falls, Fort Snelling, and then across a bridge onto the south side of the Minnesota River. You can also ride west from Uptown into Wayzata and then along Lake Minnetonka. Pretty easy to ride 60+ miles without encountering much car traffic.

    My favorite city in MN outside of Minneapolis is Duluth. It's about 2.5 hours north on 35, and it's a really cool place to spend a weekend. Lake Superior is a sight to see, and if you keep heading north from Duluth you get onto the North Shore, which is probably one of the most scenic areas of the state. There's also the Boundary Waters if you're into camping/backpacking.

    One thing that I will note is that Minneapolis is notoriously insular. It may be less so as more people move to the city, but the overwhelming majority of people there grew up there and are still friends with people they went to high school with. It can make it tough to break in with a new group, so using something like Meetup to find people with similar interests will probably help you to break down some of those walls. You'll inevitably be asked at some point where you went to HS.

    Also, people feel very strongly about their preferred Jucy Lucy. I'm not personally a fan, but lots of people are.
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    I found the Jucy Lucy to mostly be a disappointment, although I was somewhere in St. Paul (Blue Door pub maybe?) that made a pretty good one.

    For Dives, I spent a lot of time at Lyle's, but it just isn't the same after the smoking ban. It's weird being able to see the person sitting across from you

    Volstead's Emporium is an excellent cocktail bar. I find the whole speakeasy thing annoying, but they mix excellent drinks at fair prices.

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    Welcome to MN! Lots of good recommendations already, I'll throw out a few more and include a few points of interest in St. Paul.

    Definitely keep an eye on the First Avenue / 7th St. Entry calendar, as others have mentioned it's a local institution, great venue with lots of history to it. The Depot Tavern is adjacent - high-calorie but delicious, try the Diamond Dogs and the cheese curds.
    If you're a Prince fan, Paisley Park is now open for tours and is in the 'burbs about 30 minutes from Minneapolis.

    Food & Drink:
    Pizza Luce (St. Paul and Mpls locations) and Cosetta's (St. Paul) would be my go-to pizza recommendations
    Mayslacks - roast beef sandwich is really good, and/but you will reek of garlic until your next shower and round of laundry
    I'm a neutral in the Jucy Lucy wars, though I do like them in general - Matt's Bar and 5-8 Club are the two major combatants. Blue Door Pub mentioned above is my preferred burger place, along with Saint Dinette in St. Paul (sounds like I need to try the Red Cow too)
    Sea Salt Eatery - seasonal seafood place in Minnehaha Park
    Cafť Ena - Latin American
    Murray's - old-school steakhouse
    Revival - Southern comfort food
    Handsome Hog - good bourbon bar, menu is Southern-ish/pork-centric (St. Paul)
    Butcher & Boar - in Mpls, similar to Handsome Hog
    The Commodore Bar & Restaurant (St. Paul) - old haunt of F. Scott Fitzgerald that was recently restored and re-opened, cool Art Deco bar & lounge area and great place for cocktails.
    A few downtown Minneapolis pubs of note: The Local, Kierans, and O'Donovan's (Irish) and Brit's (English, good rooftop).

    When Spring & Summer Return:
    Minnehaha Park - fun place in Mpls to walk around and check out the falls, home of the aforementioned Sea Salt Eatery
    Summit Avenue walking tours / James J. Hill House tour - I love this area of St. Paul. Grand Avenue is a fun place to spend an afternoon strolling around too - ice cream at Grand Old Creamery is highly recommended
    I'm a baseball fan, love Target Field. St. Paul Saints' games are a fun, much looser time as well - they just moved into a new stadium, haven't seen a game there yet but based on wandering around it, looks like a nice venue.
    Agree with Duluth/Two Harbors/etc. as a good weekend destination. Canal Park is a good place to stroll and there are interesting (to me at least ) tours / museums related to the shipping industry.

    City Center in downtown Minneapolis has a Brooks Brothers and an AE store in close proximity
    Heimie's Haberdashery (St. Paul) - I tend to browse more than I buy while getting alterations done, but worth a visit. They have a MTM business as well.

    That's a few thoughts off the top of my head, I'll try to think of more. Anything you're particularly interested in? I tend to be in homebody mode more often than not these days but happy to help if I can.
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