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Thread: Filson Computer Bag on Main Site Thurs Handful

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    Filson Computer Bag on Main Site Thurs Handful

    Just to give some light on this bag if anyone wants some help. The one that is being sold on sale is the Laptop Briefcase 257, not the Original Briefcase 256, as correctly stated in the post. However, aside from dimensions, they are not that different. Filson pretty much just made a larger 256 Original Briefcase with some more room and slots for organization. This is not to be confused with the padded laptop bag that is a different number (258???). Think of this as the bigger brother of the Original Briefcase 256. I think it is a great bag and might hit go on it myself. You get the same aesthetic look, but in a bigger package. Thus, if you need to carry more things, or have a bigger laptop, this might fit the bill. Please do note, filling this thing up does get heavy. It is not a monstrous thing that looks awkward, but it also is not slim and light (at least by what most people consider slim and light).

    Here is another article that shows the dimensions and quirks about each bag.

    Hope I am allowed to post a link to another review site... If not, search Filson 256 vs 257 and you are sure to see the filson fan article. It is a decently old article, but the exact bags are in question.

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    To add to this, I have this bag and I love it. I can get my Laptop, notebook, charger, lunch and other work items in it without any issues.

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