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Thread: Looking for rucksack ruckomendations

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    I picked up a North Face "Borealis" for around 100 bucks that I use as my everyday pack. Has ample room, ergonomic and pretty well constructed. Has a dedicated tablet pocket, dedicated pockets for tech and writing tools, two water bottle pouches, etc. Not bad for the price. REI has some good products depending on size and needs, and if you wanna go full ham Fjallraven has some excellent but expensive offerings.

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    I've had this particular pack for going on five years now and it's holding up beautifully. I gather that a lot of Rothco's products are junk these days, but the canvas is heavy, the leather is thick but supple (you can't see in the pic but the bottom is made of thick leather as well), and the hardware is sturdy. Much better made than the Target rucksacks I've handled. It definitely looks better in person, the pics don't do it justice. The price is right too.

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