I found some of the authentics at a local vans outlet so I thought I'd actually give them a try at a steep discount. They looked like decent leather, and I think the are in terms of durability. I'm thinking the midsole will peel away long before the leather dies on me.


The whole point of veg tan is to break in and get a patina. Even if they started with full grain leather, these have been (at least mildly) sanded down and had so many layers of poly heated and vacuumed into the surface during the tanning that I can't get any response from saddle soap, conditioners or leather oils. I was betrayed by the fact that they didn't perfect the grain and remove the cow's scars.

Shoot, these might of even been chrome tanned and dyed a "vegetable tanned" color and waterproofed a bit. I can't get them to react or absorb or age. Sun usually gives veg tan a nice golden warmth after a while. It's been a month and I don't even see where water droplets hit the shoes.

I guess if you wanted an untainted veg tan look these would be good?