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Thread: Women's purses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Token View Post
    Really depends on whether she's only focused on quality / durability, or if she cares about brand and style as well.

    It's a bit more difficult to determine quality when it comes to women's bags, as typically the actual quality of the bag itself isn't a huge selling point, it's more about brand name and the style. That being said I strongly disagree with the notion that there's no connection between price and quality in women's bags, it just takes a bit more effort and research because there isn't as much transparency around these things. Quite a few of the designer names use leathers (Hermes, Celine, etc.) that are better than leathers used by makers that are popular on Dappered like AE, Gustin, or Saddleback.

    In any case, I'd go to somewhere like purseforum and ask there. I wouldn't trust anyone's opinion on here (mine included) when it comes to choosing a purse.
    +1. Purseforum is the place to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Token View Post
    Not sure if you're looking at the leather options, but the nylon Le Pliage bags, which are probably their most popular style, are routinely on sale for $100 or less.
    I was looking at the $1200 leather bags. I doubt my wife would like those nylon bags. She was into Vera Bradley until she found that they wear out really quickly. She sees clothes and accessories as disposable things that don't last, therefore should not cost much. I've tried to get her into better made stuff with limited success.

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    Thanks all for the advice!

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