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Thread: Canada Goose v. North Face? (and others)

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    Canada Goose v. North Face? (and others)

    Just been browsing the pre Black Friday stores for a warm parka (think single all purpose Minnesota winter coat). Really liked the look of the Outer Borough.

    Also looked at Eddie Bauer, which is quite a bit cheaper, and Canada Goose, which is A LOT more expensive.

    Any insights into why, or what is worth it?

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    Differences come down to brand, construction, and functionality. The Canada Goose Carson parka (picked a popular one for comparison) costs twice as much as the North Face Outer Borough parka. However, the fur on the Canada Goose hood is real. The down is higher quality (and there may be more of it; not sure how to verify that). The coat is made in Canada (vs "imported" for North Face).

    So from Canada Goose you're probably getting a slightly better made coat, and it'll likely keep you warm in slightly colder weather. You're also paying a significant premium for the brand, though. North Face is not typically poorly made or poorly functioning (nor is the brand poorly regarded; it's just not the Louis Vuitton of parkas).

    I didn't look at Eddie Bauer, but the same factors are generally at play.

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    Canada Goose is a LOT of coat. Totally worth it if you live in the frozen armpit of hell. However, for everyday purposes in normal winter conditions (anything about 0*F) then TNF or Eddie Bauer will be perfectly functional.

    I love my CG chilliwhack bomber but even here in Montana where -30*F snaps are not unheard of, it is more of a luxury than a necessity. It is really overkill for more typical winter conditions. These things were designed for Antarctic expeditions after all.

    I’d also suggest looking at the LLBean Baxter state parka. LLB is running a 20% promo on all clothing and outerwear right now.

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