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Thread: Tissot Visodate - quick review

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    Tissot Visodate - quick review

    So... I like classic watches. I have a Zodiac Seawolf that my dad bought in 1973 and passed to me a few years ago. I have an awesome MilSub homage watch made by Steinhart. I have a super-cool Hamilton Ventura - modern made, but the same deco case style as the one released by Hamilton in the 1950's and worn by, among others, Elvis Presley back in the day. And I have a couple of grail watches -- a Speedmaster Moon Watch and a couple of Omega Constellations from the 1950's and 1960's.

    This is a quick review of the Tissot Visodate that appeared on yesterday's Monday Sales Tripod. I've been eyeing the Visodate with the black face for a while, but the I wanted the Milanais (metal mesh) bracelet and most shops have listed them as "out of stock" for a couple of years now. I was surprised to see via the Monday Sales Tripod that Nordstrom Rack had them. The 50% discount was another surprise. Holiday shopping season is upon us and I try not to buy stuff for myself, but this deal was too good to resist. So I clicked over to the the Rack site, expecting to see them out of stock.

    When I saw that there was still one available, I pulled the trigger. Within a few hours I got an email from FedEx telling me that the watch would be at my doorstep on Tuesday! Man, talk about almost-instant gratification.

    Bottom line - this is one nice watch. It's bigger than a true classic 1950's Visodate - 40mm in diameter and thick. But it's not humongous, and the case is sleek. It tapers from the wrist up to the crystal. The face and hands are right on point - thin shaped stick markers, dauphin hands, and the Tissot logo in a stylized script pretty close to what they shipped back in the 1950's. The black and stainless look is super clean. This watch would look pretty good on a black leather band, but the Milanais bracelet really pushes it over the top for me. My photos don't do justice to it. It is definitely a dress watch - no lume at all, and the bracelet, while not fragile, doesn't feel burly like the mesh band I have on my Ocean One Military. The tapered case slides easily under a dress shirt sleeve. My only real stylistic critique is the date window. I would have been happy with date only - no day - and with white numerals on black. As it is, the date window clutters up an otherwise super-clean vintage look. It's a minor stylistic drawback for me, but not a huge minus.

    Finally, this watch feels much much much more expensive than the <$350 price. The fit, finish, and solidity are in line with much more expense modern watches. I think that this is a great value at the $700 list price. I'm looking forward to this watch getting serious wrist time from me for the rest of the year. Thanks to Joe and the Monday Sales Tripod! Pics (mediocre) follow:

    The classic internet on-the-wrist pic

    Side view showing the Milanais band and case that tapers inward from the wrist up to the face.

    Dress watch vs tool watch - both stainless, and both with mesh bands.

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    Congrats on the new watch. The milanese band is awesome and really gives the watch a different look. If you ever get bored of it I'm sure you could put on a classic leather strap and completely change the look around.

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    I think they look great, but does anyone know if I can have a blued handset put on the white dial version?

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