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Resurrecting this thread from a few months ago... I ordered the LE Comero around Christmas time. I am impressed with the quality for the price but fit and style is a little too traditional for my tastes. Plus I have a feeling it will wear pretty hot during the Texas summers. I decided to hold on to it since it was such a good deal and LE's return policy.

Fast forward to a week ago when J. Crew put their Unconstructed Ludlow on sale so I decided to give it a try. The fit, structure, and being unlined is what I am looking for but I do not love the fabric (specifically I miss the texture of the hopsack of the LE blazer).

I feel like I am in limbo between the two but not fully happy with either. I know I am being nit picky but I rather have one piece I love vs. two I am on the fence over.

I am going to investigate the S&M blazers in more detail. The price and shipping has been a barrier for me but it may be worth it. Any other recommendations under $200?

If you don't love the fabric but like the rest of the fit, maybe try their 100% wool version with a tiny bit of structure when it goes on sale: