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Thread: LL Bean today vs LL Bean Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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    I did a little digging, and found some talk on a hunting forum that was in the same vein as what napaxton said. The sole and footbed of the Hunting Shoe are softer and less structured for better feel of the terrain you're walking on and quieter footfalls, and the Bean Boot is a harder rubber compound that is more durable, with a more supportive footbed. I'll check this out for myself next time I'm at Bean in person, I usually get up that way once a month or so, unless someone is inclined to contact their customer service and find out straight from the source. Ditto what napaxton said about their customer service as well. They're second to none.

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    Also bought a couple of Opinel 8's on sale. The Oak handle was the cheapest I saw and with free shipping it was a done deal. And the Bubinga handle with mirror blade finish is the "Luxe" version. I've seen it for a dollar or two less, with free shipping, but I was just checking out at Bean and thought what the heck, it is only a dollar or two more for better customer service. Done. Spent quite a bit of cash this here week.... But I am more than happy for the quality I received! Can't wait for everything to get here!

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