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Thread: AE vs Cole Haan sizing and eBay fakes

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    AE vs Cole Haan sizing and eBay fakes

    Can anyone comment how Allen Edmonds and Cole Haan compare size wise? I wear a 12.5 in Cole Haan, which is about true to size for me. Would AE fit similarly?

    Also, when looking on Ebay for Allen Edmonds, is there anything to be aware of in terms of fakes? I'm looking for a pair of the Park Aves in black and/or brown. Figure if they are slightly used they're probably not fake...

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    I've never tried on a pair of Cole Haans, but AE is true-to-size. Park Avenues are built on the 65 last, which tends to be narrower and longer than most shoes. Closed lace balmorals aren't as forgiving as open laced shoes if you have a high instep like I do. I definitely recommend trying on a pair of AE balmorals on the 65 last in a store before buying. My Park Avenues fit slightly more snug than my other shoes in the same size and last.

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    I will echo Alex1 and suggest trying on the Park Ave in person. Seller dabondo1 on eBay seems to get retail returns that wouldn't work as first quality shoes anymore. Throw out an offer of roughly 50% and asking and he will likely go for it.

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