Actually, if watches are really your thing, you'll likely have watches from many/most of these categories, and many of the categories will cross over. I got in to men's style as a sort of consequence of being a watch guy. From this list I have watches in many categories, and I'm really not sure that these kind of categories work at all.
For example:
1) Inexpensive automatic- they list hamilton khaki here. For many, a watch of this caliber and price is a luxury, and even if it is, this kind of watch still qualifies as a beater
2) Quartz is just fine- quartz falls all over the map, I personally have quartz watches that fall into the bargain bin beater category and the Luxury category, and between.
3) Beater watch guy- to most watch guys, beater is either the watch you wear all the time/most of the day or the watch you wear when you're doing something that could be a hazard to your watch. Personally, I prefer to wear my best watches most of the time. My 'beater' comes out to play only if i'm playing squash or doing something involving a hammer/impact tool/tool with heavy vibration
4) Smart watch guy- no real comment here, as I don't own one, but a number of luxury brands (most notably tag heuer) are doing these as well.
5) Luxury- As i said before, luxury means different things to different people, hamilton can go here just as easily as the inexpensive auto. but I guess this is where I would fall if i tried to shoehorn myself in here. Not sure I appreciate this group's caption.
6) Rare watch- this is pretty much just an extension on 5.
7) Bigger is better- fits into EVERY category noted above. Also subjective with regards to what constitutes big. I personally am fairly short and not particularly large, so bigger watches don't really appeal to me.

For the most part, if you're really a 'watch guy', you tend to appreciate a range of watches in a range of categories. Myself, I have as many watches I admire in categories 1,2 and 3 as I do in 5 and 6. I just generally tend to enjoy them as a hobby.