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Thread: What to wear - Seattle in November

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    What to wear - Seattle in November

    I'm thinking of going to Seattle in early November for 3 or 4 days but seeing as how it's the total opposite of where i live now (Miami) I don't really know how to dress. So if anyone could give some suggestions that would be good. Just going for fun / sight-seeing so everything would be casual attire

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    Don't bring anything you don't want to get wet. My staples when I go out there from fall to spring are jeans, boots that don't have leather soles (for me that's Red Wing or Danner), and waxed or otherwise water resistant jacket (e.g. Filson or Barbour). Depending if you plan to hike or do anything outdoorsy at all, an actual waterproof shell and hiking shoes are obviously a good call. Some folks prefer Gore-Tex in their shoes and some don't. Either way, plan on it being cloudy the whole time and at least drizzling for much of it if not actually raining. Oh, and sweaters.

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    It's been super rainy and windy this past week, and it looks like the storms will last a couple weeks.
    Temps only get to 40's-50's, so some layers, maybe a quilted jacket.

    Everyone here is really casual. Still very much outdoor/athleisure wear everywhere you go. Hardly see anybody dressed up, but then again I don't really look around trying to spot that kind of thing, and i don't think most others around here do either, so dress up or down as much as you want.

    Do bring a good rain jacket or a wind resistant umbrella. A compact one. Seattle doesn't usually do umbrellas, so there's never any place to stash them when you go inside to a restaurant or shop like they do in Vancouver, BC ( whenever I visit there, everyone is always dressed nicely and wet umbrellas are left at the door in umbrella stands. Never had mine stolen or anything).

    We've got tons of breweries, so if that's your thing like it is for me, you'll have a lot to choose from.

    Check out the Edgewater hotel and their restaurant, 67. It's right on top of the water and has great views and some good drinks and food.

    Capital Hill bars are the younger crowd, mix of college and 20 somethings. But cap hill does have Canon, a ridiculously well stocked, award winning bar, but it's fairly small. Ballard is a more grown up crowd, late 20's-30's.

    Not a whole lot going on downtown at night, but there are scattered active nightlife, like in/near pike place, and pioneer square.

    Belltown area also has several bars and restaurants and is also generally a slightly older crowd.
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