With Black Friday coming in a month, with lot of online stores offering deep discounts with no exclusions, how do you guys game plan? For example, last year, JCrew offered 40% off without any exclusions. From my experience, many of the popular items that usually don't go on sale sold out quickly.

Three things that seems to help are the following:
1. Identify the items for purchase
2. Prepare your carts - prior
3. Time your purchases based on priority - ready, set, go!

Last year's notables -
1. JCrew 40% off - no exclusion
2. Banana Republic and GAP - 50% off (not sure about this)
3. Zara 40% off
4. SuitSupply?
5. Brooks Brother?
6. Allen Edmonds?
7. Cole Haan?
8. Coach?
9. Nike?

What are your notables and scores from last year? And any tips and tricks?

Also, does stores honor their sales policy during Black Friday where if you bought something and it goes on sale within some time period, the money difference is credited? If they do, it seems like you can purchase all your items before Black Friday.