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Thread: Lands end penny loafer - thoughts?

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    Lands end penny loafer - thoughts?

    Hey gang,

    Anyone have experience with Lands end shoes recently, and more specifically, the penny loafer?

    Lands end is doing that 50% off sale and that would make these around $50.

    Waa wondering people's thoughts.

    Link for reference


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    I personally love the look of those from their marketing pictures, at least. They are constructed in a pretty modern way, in the guise of being classic looking.

    While I really think lands end has a lot of awesome stand-out products, I don't think their shoes are generally one of them, for whatever reason. I think they usually have other companies put their logo on their products to make shoes, which has mixed results. some good maybe, some meh.

    But for $50 who cares! heh.

    My only actual caveat is that loafers aren't always easy to fit. I've had a lot of problems buying loafers online. Since there's no laces, if you want them to fit a tiny bit tight and hold your foot like you're supposed to, you gotta get them JUST right. Not always easy when manufacturers all have so many different styles, lasts, and even different perceptions on what shoe size is what.

    If you can try them on somewhere first it's very very helpful, in my experience.

    On top of that, I have a very wide foot too, so it's a considerably harder for me specifically.

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    Full grain for $50 isn’t bad. The look is nice. If they fit, I say go for it 👍

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