I bought two Jomers sharkskin suits (size 34) this week, which arrived in NYC in two days (a bit beaten up; they were in a box half the size of a suitsupply box, but nothing a hand steamer couldn't fix). The measurements on the size guide are a near exact match to Suitsupply's size 34 Napoli, one of which I own, and my initial impression is that that accurately reflects the actual size of the garments. The Jomers' sleeves seem to be maybe a quarter inch longer than the suitsupply was out of the box (good thing for me, since the Napoli was way short and had to be lengthened 0.75"). The rest of the suit and pants seemed to be identical, maybe a bit tighter in the thigh but hard to remember what the SS was like originally, with one exception that follows. It's been noted online that the lapels look narrower and the button placement lower. The former is true and as far as I can measure the latter is not: the seam in the lapel notch measures exactly 1cm shorter in the Jomers, but the button placement (I measured a different few ways from the shoulder seam) came out exactly the same.