I just placed an order with Black Lapel last week. Got measured in person in NYC a few weeks back, and sprang for a full 3-piece. Was more than suitsupply, but all the glowing praise, coupled with the in-person measurement experience (i was already in town, so hopping over to the shop wasn't a massive deal, and I trust them to do it themselves way more than I trust myself to get it right) made me realize it was worth it. I've had great experiences with Suitsupply as well, don't get me wrong. But if you have the time available, I can't recommend strongly enough hitting both and getting a feel for what they offer. Black Lapel isn't true custom; it's MTM, but it also can be had for well under $1k which isn't even toes in the water for a true bespoke suit.

I'd say hit Suitsupply (I've been to the Madison Ave location and they were GREAT) first and if you can't find what you're looking for there, head to Black Lapel (10 E. 38th, 3rd floor) and they'll take care of you.

For what it's worth, Suitsupply *DOES* tend to lean on the more "current/trendy" side when it comes to pants, so they *ARE* a slim fit. No getting around it, but they can let them out some. I haven't had issues yet, but as my weight increases at the squat rack, I can only imagine I'll be putting some things up on ebay at some point. Hopefully I can keep things for another year just to keep the wife a little more sane